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This is an intimate photo of Girls’ Generation taken just five minutes before they made history.

Five minutes before they had just one take to perform on The Late Show with David Letterman.
Thank you for sharing this, Sim Jaewon. Soshibond ftw


sm is trash for forcing jessica to drop out when all she wanted to do was work on her business and becoming a fashion designer all WHILE being in snsd. fuck you for not seeing how hard working she can be. she trained for 7 years and dedicated 7 more years of her life for snsd and they just want to kick her out like that? i can’t imagine how bad she’s feeling now.


if you ever tag ot8 i will unfollow you faster than lightning don’t even test me

dorky shidae ~


Jessica will always be SNSD to me.

And I stand for OT9 no matter what happens. 

I don’t believe that they all turned against sica. If they really did then that sick. And i don’t believe they would do that.